Wednesday, June 27, 2018

5 senses Writing

Room 9 wrote about popcorn using their 5 senses. We watched many videos to help us and this
is what we came up with. Check out your own, it should be on your individual blog.

Smell, see, taste, feel and hear.
Popcorn is a squishy, salty, delicious cloud. Popcorn feels like a delectable piece of candy floss.

It looks like a white small explosion! Popcorn first is seed then it turns into a amazing cloud.

When popcorn pops it’s like a mini explosion and sends others flying like a grenade. Popcorn sounds like a tiny ROAR!

Popcorn smells like the salty seas. It smells like a buttery, salty combination.

Popcorn tastes like a flavour bomb inside my mouth. Popcorns is soft and salty on the outside but on the inside it is as hard as a rock!

Popcorn is a more delicious version of cauliflower. It is like a smaller and has more flavour than cauliflower.

By Leroy

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Popcorn tastes like a buttery microscopic explosion happening in my mouth. It tastes like a buttery and salty combination bouncing around in my tongue.

Popcorn looks like a mini cloud with a popping into a cloud. It's fun to watch the flavours turn from a raw seed to a delectable snack.

It smells like the salty sea with a scent of buttery madness The scent of popcorn smells like a lump of rich  butter.

The feel of popcorn is like a feather. It's as delicate as clay.

The minuscule brown brown corn seed explodes like a balloon. It sounds like a bird popping a balloon.

By Sauwarna

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