Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Writing based on George's Marvellous medicine

Ashley’s Marvelous Medicine
 Do you have an extremely annoying little sister? do you want them to obey you? Well this medicine is for you!

You will need:
  • Ashley’s annoying ants
  • Evie’s everlasting eggs
  • Saveer’s stinky sticky snot
  • Richelle’s  wrecking balls (their small)
  • Miss Mackenzie’s majestic milk
  • Don’t forget a big pot and a spoon.

  1. Get the pot and make it hot.
  2. Add Miss Mackenzie’s majestic milk to make it feel like silk.
  3. Next plop in Saveer’s sticky, stinky snot but be careful it might make them poop a lot.
  4. After that add Richelle’s wrecking ball s but be careful it might make your sister small.
  5. I promise you if you add Ashley’s annoying ants it will make them wet their pants.
  6. Evie’s everlasting eggs will make them jump all around their beds.
  7. Now you will have your marvellous medicine ,so all you have to do now is ...tell her it is a treat.

Felix’s Marvellous medicine

Do you have a embarrassing dad well i do! So I am going to make a medicine to not make him not be the most embarrassing dad ever. If you have a dad like this get the medicine NOW!

You Will Need:

Mahika’s Marvellous monkey

Valoras vicious vipers

Richelle’s revaulting rubbish

Felix’s fizzy fanta

  1. First add Mahika’s marvellous monkey but make sure it is a little bit funky.                                       
2. Second add Valoras viper  but it might be a bit hyper.
3. Thirdly place Richelle’s revaulting rubbish other wise you will get punished. 4.Pour in  Felix’s fizzy fanta but he might of got off santa.
5. Lastly  Pour in christinas crazy coke or you might have a croak.


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Monday, August 20, 2018

Money Matters

This term for Inquiry we are looking into money. We spent a lot of time researching on Brighter money to find out what is so special about New Zealand money. We found out that there are actually a lot of interesting things we didn't know! Did you know that there is a secret puzzle on all the notes? There is also a lot of security features so that it is hard to copy! We also researched who was on our money and why they were on it. Finally after all that research we created our own note using the research we had found. Enjoy!

Some of the reasons we found are:
Kate Shepard is on the $10 note because she fought for women in NZ to have the vote. - Miss Mackenzie
All of the notes have a holographic window as a security feature so people can't copy it. - Dylan
Lord Rutherford was on the $100 note as he was famous for physics and being a chemist. - Mahika
The buildings behind Queen Elizabeth on the $10 note are parliament buildings. - Leroy
Did you know that the numbers have raised ink as a security feature. - Aryan

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Thank you to all of the people that sponsored us! We had a great time dancing!

Monday, July 30, 2018

NZ Currency

This website tells the story about our currency. Take some time to explore the site and see if you can identify the features of our money. What are the things that all notes and coins need?

Brighter Money


You have a new Maths website to check out.
Image result for prodigy game

1. Go to www.prodigygame.com/play
 2. Enter your username and password then click Login

Parents you can create a free account to view their child's math progress:

1. Go to www.prodigygame.com/NewParent
2. Enter your account details to create an account
3. Add your child with their username and password

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

5 senses Writing

Room 9 wrote about popcorn using their 5 senses. We watched many videos to help us and this
is what we came up with. Check out your own, it should be on your individual blog.

Smell, see, taste, feel and hear.
Popcorn is a squishy, salty, delicious cloud. Popcorn feels like a delectable piece of candy floss.

It looks like a white small explosion! Popcorn first is seed then it turns into a amazing cloud.

When popcorn pops it’s like a mini explosion and sends others flying like a grenade. Popcorn sounds like a tiny ROAR!

Popcorn smells like the salty seas. It smells like a buttery, salty combination.

Popcorn tastes like a flavour bomb inside my mouth. Popcorns is soft and salty on the outside but on the inside it is as hard as a rock!

Popcorn is a more delicious version of cauliflower. It is like a smaller and has more flavour than cauliflower.

By Leroy

Image result for popcorn


Popcorn tastes like a buttery microscopic explosion happening in my mouth. It tastes like a buttery and salty combination bouncing around in my tongue.

Popcorn looks like a mini cloud with a popping into a cloud. It's fun to watch the flavours turn from a raw seed to a delectable snack.

It smells like the salty sea with a scent of buttery madness The scent of popcorn smells like a lump of rich  butter.

The feel of popcorn is like a feather. It's as delicate as clay.

The minuscule brown brown corn seed explodes like a balloon. It sounds like a bird popping a balloon.

By Sauwarna

Writing based on George's Marvellous medicine

Ashley’s Marvelous Medicine   Do you have an extremely annoying little sister? do you want them to obey you? Well this medicine is for ...